Gay, Black + Muslim: Coming Out with Rasheed Hamid

Rasheed Shakur Hamid’s story is unique, but it resonates with anyone who has faced adversity, doubted themselves or struggled to be accepted. Hamid, a Washington, D.C. native, grew up in a Muslim household with his two older brothers. As a gay, Black, Muslim in the 90s, Hamid didn’t believe he would ever find a way to share his true identity. All of that changed when he self-published his first autobiographical account in January 2019. Hello My Name Is chronicles Hamid’s journey from prom night in 1996 onward as he navigates life in the closet, and, after, when, at age 40 he finally comes out to the world. After quitting his job and spending a year traveling, Hamid returned home to D.C. where he was ready to show others that amid all of life’s challenges, and even in 2020, there is hope.